Yuko Usui


Encompassing a wide breadth of musical experience, Yuko Usui has emerged as a jazz singer of unique character. Her attractive and dynamic voice transforms familiar standards into deeply personal statements. She performs regularly at jazz clubs in Osaka, Japan.

Coming from a musical family, Yuko Usui commenced studying the piano at age three with her mother, a piano teacher. As a piano performance major at Osaka College of Music, she became inspired by the expressive potential of jazz. After graduating in 1990, she began to sing professionally, winning a jazz vocal competition at the Royal Horse (Osaka, Japan). In 1993, Yuko Usui moved to New York City to study English and voice. She sang in gospel choirs and soul music bands, further broadening her palette of musical expression. Since returning to Japan, she has developed a wide following of listeners, who enjoy the vitality of her performances. She continues to study jazz with Dr. Phillip Strange and voice training with Misa Makino.

In early 2011, she recorded her first CD—summer me—with an outstanding trio consisting of Phillip Strange (p), Larry Marshall (dr), and Tetsuro Aratama (b). An intensely personal lyric exposition, summer me contains a rich variety of material, including well-known jazz standards, an Allman Brothers song, and an original composition by Phillip Strange.




そして、ファーストアルバムとなる「summer me」を2011年1月~2月に関西を代表するミュージシャン達と録音。2011年12月に発表。「summer me」は、ジャズスタンダードのみならず、The Allman brothers bandの曲や、ファーストアルバムでも共演しているフィリップ・ストレンジ氏のオリジナル曲など、バラエティに富んだ選曲で、彼女の型におさまらない魅力をあますところなく表現している。